Google has rolled out an updated version of the Google Docs viewer for mobile devices that lets you view DOC, DOCX, PPT, and PDF on most mobile devices running Android, iOS, WebOS, BlackBerry OS, or other mobile operating systems.

The main difference seems to be that files uploaded in those formats now seem to feature better formatting on mobile devices. But you still can’t edit documents in those formats — although you can edit individual cells on spreadsheets using a rather clunky interface.

Honestly, Google’s blog post announcing the new viewer seems to have caused a bit of confusion, with some web sites claiming that Excel spreadsheets aren’t supported (not true), or that these features have been included all along (partially true). But Google is assuring us that something’s new… and I’m not 100% certain that you could view DOCX files last week, so that’s a possibility.

Have you noticed any new functionality in the Google Docs mobile viewer this week?

Brad Linder

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