Google offers a pretty decent mobile version of Google Reader for smartphones. You can access it by visiting using the default Android or iPhone web browsers. If you have another mobile device though, or if you use an alternate web browser, there’s a good chance you’re going to be stuck looking at a very stripped down version of Google Reader that only shows you 10 items at a time in an over-simplified format.

At least that’s what I usually see when I visit Google Reader using Internet Explore for Windows Mobile. While I suspect Google may offer improved formatting for the Windows Phone 7 web browser, it looks like you won’t have to use the web browser to access Google Reader.

G:RSS is a standalone Windows Phone 7 App designed to let you interact with your Google Reader account without opening Internet Explorer. You can read all items, or a feed or category. Unread items will be highlighted, and all pages are pre-buffered, which means that when you flip from one page of items to the next, the transition should be pretty smooth.

You can also click on any item to open the full article withing G:RSS without opening a web browser (although I assume that if you’re looking at a partial feed, you’ll have to click a link to open the full article in a browser). You can mark items as read, or unread, or start items using G:RSS.

You can check out a demo video showing G:RSS running on the Windows Phone 7 emulator after the break.

via The Mobile Blog

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