Google plans to launch its Google TV platform later this year, blurring the lines between the internet, computers, and traditional televisions. When Google introduced the concept a few weeks ago, the company mentioned a couple of its launch partners, including Sony and Logitech.

Today the folks at Logitech have explained a bit about how you’ll control their upcoming set top box. The company has a long tradition of making highly regarded Logitech Harmondy multimedia remote controls. But today the company is introducing a new technology called Logitech Harmony Link.

Here’s the idea. Logitech’s set top box running Google TV software will be able to recognize input from all sorts of devices. If you have an old school IR remote, you just point it at the Harmony Link box and it will recognize the input and execute the appropriate command on your home entertainment equipment.

What’s really cool is that you don’t need to use an IR remote. You can also use an Android device or an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad once Logitech makes apps available for those platforms. The apps will be free, although clearly you’ll have to pay for the Logitech set top box to use them.

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