One of the coolest, and most useless features in Google Android 2.1 and 2.2 is support for live wallpapers. Instead of just staring at a static image beneath your home screen icons, live wallpapers let you watch grass blow in the wind or ripples form on water. They look awesome, but the motion can be kind of distracting, and live wallpapers are a bit of an unnecessary drain on the battery.

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Mario Live Wallpaper is by far the most distracting live wallpaper I’ve seen to date, thanks to its high speed motion which really just makes it a bit harder to find the icons and widgets you’re looking for. But it’s still absolutely awesome watching Mario run through random video game levels on your home screen and it serves the primary purpose of any live wallpaper: giving you something to show off to your friends.

Just choose the Mario Live Wallpaper from your wallpaper list, flash your phone at your friends to see their oohs and ahhs, and when they’re not looking go ahead and flip back to something more boring so that you can get on with your life

Mario Live Wallpaper is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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