Just because you’re using an Apple branded mobile phone doesn’t mean you can’t use Microsoft’s instant messaging service. At least, not anymore — because today Microsoft released an official Windows Live Messenger app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Once you login with your Windows Live ID, the Windows Live Messenger app pulls in all of your contact data, allowing you to see a list of friends, initiate or respond to chats, and see social networking updates from your friends including uploaded photos, status updates and a highlights section with a little bit of everything from the folks in your contact list.

One thing that’s a bit quirky is that by default the app opens up on the Social screen instead of the Chats or Friends Screen, when I’m guessing that most people are going to use Windows Live Messenger to you know… send messages to their friends and contacts.

The Chats screen shows a list of currently open chat windows. In order to end a chat, you have to click an edit button first, and then select the minus button next to the conversation, which took me a moment to figure out. But overall, the Windows Live Messenger app for iOS works pretty much the way you’d expect.

If you’re a heavy Windows Live user — and your contacts are too, the social networking integration and photo gallery support could make this app worth a look. if not, I don’t see too many reasons why you’d use Windows Live Messenger for iPhone instead of Meebo or another program that lets you chat with contacts on multiple instant messaging platforms.

Windows Live Messenger is available as a free download from the App Store.

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