The latest release of the Firefox web browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop computers includes a feature that prevents the browser from crashing if a plugin gets out of hand. In other words, a Flash video using up all of your CPU cycles isn’t going to cause all 12 browser tabs you have open to go kaput.

Soon, the same feature will be available in the mobile version of Firefox, code-named Fennec. The feature is called Electrolysis, and basically it allows different browser tabs and different types of web content to run as separate processes. That means that if only one element of your web browsing experience fails, the rest of the processes can keep on keeping on.

The new feature should be part of Fennec 2.0… whenever that’s ready for release. Fennec 1.1 still hasn’t officially been launched yet.

Typically, the version of Fennec for Maemo Linux gets new features first. Later we should see them show up in the Android version of the web browser.

Mozilla also plans to bring the Layers project for accelerated rendering to Fennec.

via Android Central

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