Netflix has announced that a mobile app for iPhone will be available this summer. Like the iPad Netflix app, the iPhone version will let you manage your Netflix queue and stream video directly to your mobile device.

But here’s the really cool part: You can start watching a video on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device. For example, say you start watching a movie on your iPad, Roku, or Xbox 360 and then you have to head out. You can grab your iPhone and start watching the same video from the spot where you left off later.

The Netflix iPhone app will feature adaptive bitrate streaming, which basically means it will try to optimize the quality based on your internet connection. And it will be available for use over WiFi or 3G data connections.

via gdgt and MacRumors

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2 replies on “Netflix app for the iPhone coming this summer”

  1. As many as you like… over WiFi. :)

    Yeah, it really seems like AT&T decided to limit 3G data transfers just as Apple was preparing to launch a phone capable of video chat, higher quality video streaming, etc.

    Ironically, if Apple had stuck with a 480 x 320 screen, you could probably make the case that streaming lower quality video would be good enough and it would use up less bandwidth.

  2. Nice, but how many vids will I be able to watch with the now limited AT&T data plan???

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