Want to play Final Fantasy VII on your Google Nexus One? Pretty soon, you’ll be able to. That’s because mobile phone hacker ZodTTD is busy building a Playstation emulator for Android.

The emulator will require a fairly speedy phone running Android 2.x, such as Nexus One or Droid Incredible to run. But it reportedly already runs faster on the Nexus One than a similar emulator on the iPhone.

Right now the user interface is still pretty rough, since it’s based on Nintendo and Gameboy Advance emulators for Android. But ZodTTD plans to add Playstation-specific controls. The emulator uses a phone’s touchscreen, trackball, and hardware buttons as controls.

ZotDD is also reportedly working on bringing the VLC media player and a Nintendo 64 emulator to Android.

via MobileCrunch

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  1. Sweet! I've played with this on the iPhone, and it can be a lot of fun. I hope the emmulator gets polished by the time I can pick up an Evo.

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