Pocket Informant is, hands down, one of my favorite mobile apps. The folks at WebIS have versions of this calendar/task/contact organizer for Windows Mobile, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. Noticeably absent? An Android version. But not for much longer.

WebIS CEO Alex Kac says that the company will start beta testing Pocket Informant for Android in about two weeks.

This will just be an early beta test for now. It won’t be widely available to the public. And it won’t have all of the final features yet. But it will let WebIS do some bug testing so that the company can officially launch the app in a few months. Right now Kac says he’s hoping to have something available for the public by September or sooner.

You can check out some more early screenshots of the Pocket Informant task manager for Android at the WebIS forums.

Brad Linder

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