One of the things I miss most about my old Dell Axim PDA is the fact that it had a few hardware buttons that you could use to do things like skip music tracks or play/pause your music without taking the PDA out of your pocket. It’s much harder to do that on a device that only has a touchscreen, like an iPhone or a Google Nexus One.

But there’s one thing that modern touchscreen phones have that my old Axim didn’t: accelerometers. And xda-developers forum member atrant has figured out a way to use the accelerometer to control the playback of the media player with an Android app called Shake2PlayNext.

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Here’s how it works. You download and install the free app from the Android Market. Then launch your music player and Shake2PlayNext. Now whenever you want to skip to the next track in your playlist, just shake your phone.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Shake2PlayNext works with the default Android music player as well as the HTC Sense music player. It also supports a handful of third party apps including MortPlayer and Mixzing.

You can adjust the sensitivity so that you don’t accidentally skip tracks while you’re walking.

I shot a brief hands-on video with Shake2PlayNext, which you can check out after the break.

Brad Linder

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