SongDNA is a mobile app that provides you all sorts of information about songs and musicians. It’s been available for the iPhone for a while, but now the SongDNA team has launched an Android app.

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My first thought was to describe it as sort of an IMDB-for-music app, but that’s not really doing SongDNA justice, because it doesn’t come across as a me-too application at all. You can also find photos of the artist, a link to the Wikipedia page, and a list of other albums released by the artist. There’s also a Twitter Vibe section which shows you what people have been saying about the artist on Twitter.

For instance, type in an artist name and SongDNA will give you a bio, show you tour dates, bring up the artists’ homepage, provide links to YouTube videos or song downloads from Amazon MP3.

You can also add pages to a favorites list or send song or artist info to your friends via SMS or email.

SongDNA for Android is available as a free, ad-supported download from the Android Market. If you donate more than $2 throught he developer web site, SongDNA will send you an unlock code to remove the ads.

The iPhone version is available from the iTunes Store for $1.99.

You can find more screenshots of the Android version of SongDNA after the break.

via Euro Droid

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