Having trouble tapping out text using the tiny on-screen keyboard on your iPhone or iPad touch? Maybe what you need is a little practice, and textRace is a free app that will give you just that — wrapped into the trappings of a kind of fun, if somewhat monotonous game.

The app comes from textPlus, developers of an app that enables free text messaging on the iPhone. Game play is pretty simple. You just tap the training or challenge mode to get started. The app will show you a line of text, give you a brief countdown, and then it’s up to you to type the line as quickly and accurately as possible.

Your high scores are saved on your device, or you can compare them with other users worldwide.

By default, the game works in portrait mode, but you can switch to landscape orientation by hitting the “More” button on the home screen and selecting the “orientation” option. I was completely unsurprised to notice that my scores went up after switching to landscape.

The game also does a pretty good job of showing you just how hard-working Apple’s predictive text algorithm is. I found I made far more typos in textPlus than I do when entering a URL or writing an email on my iPod touch. That’s because the iPhone software usually catches my mistakes and auto-corrects them. That won’t happen when you’re typing in this game. And that’s a good thing, because practice makes perfect — especially if you don’t have a crutch to rely on.

I just wish that textPlus came bundled with a few more sample lines of text. You can only type the same lines so many times before the game starts to look really boring. And in my case, that was about 5 times.

There are a few more screenshots after the break. You can download textRace for free from the iTunes App Store.

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