ThumbPlay is a subscription music service that lets you play on-demand music on your PC, Mac, or smartphone. The service offers access to millions of songs for $9.99 per month. ThumbPlay has offered BlackBerry and Android apps for a little while, and recently the company launched an iPhone app.

While the content library isn’t complete (I couldn’t find any songs from Sarah Harmer), it is pretty good ( I did find 1 album from The Mysteries of Life). You may not be able to find every song you’re looking for, but odds are you’ll find an awful lot to listen to with Thumbplay. You can also adds artists, albums, or songs to a favorites list and create playlists.

The only problem with ThumbPlay is that you need an internet connection to use the service. Since I’m testing it on an iPod touch, the music will stop if I step outside of my house, so I think I’ll probably let my 3-day free trial expire soon enough.

While a subscription costs $9.99 per month, you can download the app for iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android for free. Just hit the download button at the Thumbplay web page and enter your email address to receive a download link on your mobile device, or you can download thumbplay directly from the iTunes App Store.

Update: Thumbplay has released an update that supports caching songs for offline playback.

You can find more screenshots after the break.

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