Want to run apps on your shiny new HTC Evo Android phone that require root access, but don’t feel like futzing around with command line options and potentially voiding your warranty? Unrevoked is a simple app that you can run on any Evo that will provide you with root access until you reboot your phone.

In other words, it doesn’t provide permanent root access and it doesn’t change your phone’s boot or recovery systems, so you can’t use Unrevoked to install custom ROMS on your phone. But you can use it to run apps that require root access.

All you have to do is download the unrevoked.apk file, copy it to your phone, install the app and and run it again each time you reboot your phone if you want to keep up your root access.

It’s worth pointing out that Unrevoked reportedly works with the HTC Evo and HTC Hero. I wouldn’t recommend trying it on any other Android phones.

Updated: Unrevoked now supports 5 different HTC Android smartphones including the Evo, Hero, Desire, Droid Incredible, and Aria.

via Android Central

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5 replies on “Unrevoked: Root your HTC Evo with one-click”

  1. I downloaded the .apk file, installed it on my HTC Hero. I then ran the program, clicked on “Start.” The program then said “done.” When I tried installing an app that req'd root access, the app said I did not have root. I rebooted my phone, re-ran the Unrevoked App, pressed “start” – it said “done.” Tried to run the app needing root and had the same results. Any ideas?

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