If you have a hard time getting to sleep in a quiet (or noisy) room, there’s an app for that. White Noise provides you with, well, white noise to mask the other sounds you’re hearing and make it easier to fall asleep or just relax.

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White Noise Lite is available as a free download, and in addition to white noise, it actually provides sound loops with 9 other sounds including a train, rain, and crickets. I actually found the sound of a fan to be the most pleasant.

You can also download the full version of White Noise for $1.99 and get a total of 40 sounds to choose from. The full version is also ad-free and allows you to play sounds in the background, while the Lite version will stop playing as soon as you switch away from the app.

Both the free and Lite versions have a few extra tricks up their sleeves, including a sleep timer that will shut off the sound after a specific period, and an alarm for waking you up — although you could really just use Android’s default alarm app to do that. You can also adjust the device volume independently of the sound volume for the White Noise app, and you can mute the phone while you’re listening to the sounds of not-quite-silence so that you can still hear the app, but won’t wake up when the phone rings.

One thing I was particularly pleased to note is that White Noise is one of the few Android apps that already supports moving the app to the SD card if you’re using Android 2.2 — which comes in handy since the app takes up more than 5MB of storage space.

The company behind White Noise for Android also offers free and paid versions for the iPhone and BlackBerry.

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