Adobe AIR is a platform that lets you package web-based apps written in Flash to run as native desktop applications. The platform is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and recently Adobe started a private beta test of AIR for Google Android. But work is already underway for Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android, which will apparently include all the same features as the desktop versions of AIR.

That includes the ability to interact with the hardware on Android phones such as the camera and microphone. And as an example, Adobe is showing off an Adobe AIR app called FlashTime which lets users make video calls from a phone. It works much like the desktop version of Skype or Apple’s mobile FaceTime app for the iPhone 4. But since FlashTime is an AIR-based app, it could theoretically run on all platforms that support Adobe AIR, including Android phones and desktop computers.

You can check out a demo of FlashTime in action after the break.

via Download Squad

FlashTime Demo – P2P Video on Android with AIR2.5 from Mark Doherty on Vimeo.

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