A few days ago the folks at Android Central released Sideload Wonder Machine, a free app that makes it easy to install Android apps that aren’t available in the Android Market — even if you have a phone from AT&T or another provider that typically disables that option. Sideload Wonder Machine gets around this restriction by having you plug your phone into a PC with a USB cable, and running a PC program that will install third party apps your phone for you.

At launch, Sideload Wonder Machine was only available for Windows. But now it’s available for Mac and Linux as well.

The new versions don’t have the same point-and-click graphical user interface as the Windows version. Instead, you have to run Sideload Wonder Machine from a terminal window. But you actually get more options using the terminal anyway, since you can list all the apps on your phone, and a future version will let you delete apps as well. If you have  rooted Android phone, you get even more options.

via Android Central

Brad Linder

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