AOL has launched two new apps for Android. The first is simply called AOL, and it’s basically a portal to some of AOL’s mobile web sites as well as download links for other AOL apps including the mobile Engadget app and the AOL Lifestream app which is actually a pretty decent tool for keeping track of Facebook, Twitter, and other social network streams.

The News portion of the AOL app is probably the most useful, if you’re looking for general interest news. The ability to change the background is probably the least useful, since you basically get to change the color or shape of those splotches in the top left and bottom right corners. That’s it.

The AOL DailyFinance app, on the other hand, is actually pretty awesome. It offers far more functionality than the Google Finance app which is also available as a free download from the Android Market. the home screen shows you an overview of US and global markets. You can also see a list of the day’s movers, see the latest headlines from, and login to see your portfolio watchlist if you have an AOL account — although you don’t need one to use the rest of the app’s features.

The final tab is labeled “get quotes,” and it lets you look up information by a company or fund name or stock symbol. When you click on the results you can see the latest prices, how much the stock went up or down that day, as well as a ton of other information. You can also click the news tab to see recent stories related to that item, or the chart tab to plot it’s progress on a… well, chart.

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