There are a number of third party keyboards for Google Android for users who don’t like the virtual keyboard that ships with their phone. Most are designed to help you type faster. BlindType does that… but what really sets it apart is the fact that the keyboard uses some serious text prediction technology to figure out what you’re trying to type even if you only place your fingers kind of, sort of near the correct keys.

What that means is that it should be much easier to type without looking down at the keyboard if you’re using BlindType. What’s more, you can even turn off the keyboard visuals altogether, and just start tapping away that the screen — anywhere on the screen. As long as you basically know the QWERTY keyboard layout by heart, it should work.

The app isn’t available for download yet, but the folks behind BlindType say it’s coming soon — and that it will support Android and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. That last bit has me a bit worried, since Apple doesn’t typically allow third party keyboard apps in the App Store. I suspect that BlindType might not actually be a complete keyboard replacement app so much as a note-taking app with its own text entry system. Hopefully I’m wrong.

A video is worth a thousand words in this case though, so you should really check out the video after the break to see BlindType in action.

via Mobile Crunch

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  1. Looks like swype. There you have not to be exact, too.
    But here it is nice to be able to type anywhere, though you have to know the keyboard layout

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