Clicker wants to be a sort of remote control for internet TV. When you visit the Clicker web site you can find links to watch streaming TV shows from a variety of sources including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon video on demand, and others. It’s a bit messy, since some videos are available to stream for free while others are only available for a subscription or one-time fee. But there are few sites that are quite as well organized as Clicker for finding out whether a video is available online.

Now Clicker has released a mobile app for Android and an iPhone version is coming soon. Unfortunately these mobile apps don’t actually let you stream video to a mobile device. Instead, they let you take advantage of the social networking aspect of the clicker community, which also launched today.

The idea is that you can connect Clicker to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what your friends who use Clicker are watching. You can also “check in” to shows, to let people know what you’re watching and rate programs or make recommendations for other users.

Overall, the Clicker mobile apps provide a way to find new shows that you might like or to share your interests with your friends. But I kind of wish the app also let you stream video.

via NewTeeVee

Brad Linder

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