One of the many changes Research in Motion is making to its BlackBerry operating system for version 6 is a redesigned home screen. Today the Inside BlackBerry blog has an article looking at some of the changes to the home screen.

First up, there are multiple views that you can toggle through using a navigation bar. The Frequent tab shows frequently used apps, while Favorites lets you create shortcuts for apps, contacts or web pages. There’s also a media tab, a downloads tab, and an All tab which shows all of your apps.

Basically, the All tab is the equivalent of what current BlackBerry users get. The other 4 tabs are all new and should make it easier to find the app, links, or contacts you’re looking for.

There are also new quick access areas, including one that lets you get to your phone’s settings much more quickly and another that shows recent messages, phone calls, and upcoming appointments and other information.

BlackBerry 6 also has a new universal search feature that lets you enter a search query and get results from everywhere on your phone including contacts, media, appointments, and even web results.

You can find more details and pictures at Inside BlackBerry.

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