We already know that BlackBerry 6 will have a revamped user interface and a vastly improved web browser. Now Research in Motion is giving a sneak peek at the multimedia apps that will ship with BlackBerry 6.

Audio and Video

  • The new music app features a Cover Flow-style interface that lets you scroll through album art on a carousel to find music.
  • There’s a thumbnail video view to make it easier to find videos
  • Video playback modes will include full screen, fit to screen, and original
  • There’s an integrated YouTube uploader for sharing videos
  • There’s a new podcast app for subscribing to podcasts and playing them on your phone


  • You’ll be able to organize photos by date, event, or other criteria
  • The photo app now has a slideshow feature and support for pinch to zoom
  • You’ll also be able to copy, paste, delete, or share groups of pictures

BlackBerry 6 will also support synchronization of photos, audio, and videos between a PC and BlackBerry device.

You can find more details about the new multimedia features at Inside BlackBerry.

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