The Dolphin Browser for Google Android was one of the first third party web browsers to support browser tabs. But since it was first launched a number of other browsers have duplicated that feature. Then came Dolphin Browser HD, which added a ton of awesome features including support for add-ons, the ability to store bookmarks on an SD card, and install visual themes. But you need an Android 2.1 or newer device to run Dolphin Browser HD.

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Now the developers of Dolphin Browser have launched a major update to the original Dolphin Browser for Android 1.5 and 1.6 (it also runs on newer versions of Android). Dolphin Browser 3.0 adds new themes, support for RSS subscriptions, synchronization with your Google bookmarks, and an overall user interface upgrade.

The browser supports multitouch gestures including pinch-to-zoom, and gesture-based navigation. There’s also a new private browsing mode that lets you surf the web without saving your browsing history.

You can download Dolphin Browser 3.0 for free from the Android Market.

via Android Tapp

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