When you’re using most desktop web browsers, it’s easy to open two web pages side by side by opening multiple windows. But it’s a lot harder to do that on a mobile device such as a Google Android phone, since most apps are designed to take up the whole screen. But the developers of Dual Window Web Browser figured out a way around that limitation… by creating a single app that shows two web pages side by side.

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Clearly, this app is pretty much useless on a phone with a 320 x 240 pixel display. And to be honest, it’ snot all that useful even on a phone with an 800 x 480 pixel screen. But Dual Window Web Browser does automatically resize the columns on most web sites so that you can read them without spending too much time scrolling. On the other hand, good luck getting all the pictures on any web site to fit properly in the tiny window.

Still, if you want to compare two web sites or quickly move back and forth between two articles without pressing a bunch of buttons to switch from one tab to another, Dual Screen Web Browser might be worth checking out. It’s available as a free download from the Android Market.

You can check out a few more screenshots after the break.

via MobileTopSoft

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