Mozilla is going all out on the mobile front this week. On Wednesday the company submitted Firefox Home to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. The app isn’t a full-fledged browser, but it brings your Firefox bookmarks and browser history to the iPhone. And now Mozilla has also released Firefox 1.1 for the Nokia N900 smartphone running Mameo Linux.

To be honest, Maemo is an all-but-dead platform, with Nokia and other smartphone makers moving on to MeeGo. But Maemo was the first mobile platform to get a version of Firefox, and the Android version of Firefox is still in the pre-alpha stages.

In the meantime, by looking at Firefox 1.1 for Maemo, we can get a pretty good picture of what the full version of Firefox for Android will eventually look like.

The latest version comes with a number of new features including:

  • Automatic updates of add0ns
  • Autocomplete and other form assistant improvements
  • Use the phone’s volume keys to zoom
  • Save web pages as PDF files (making it easier to email pages to your desktop for printing)
  • Improved Site Menu
  • New context menus for opening links in new tabs and saving images
  • Support for portrait and landscape mode
  • Ability to “forget” passwords for web sites

You can find out more about Firefox 1.1 for Maemo in the release notes. You can download the app from a Nokia N900 by visiting There are also builds for Windows, OS X, and Linux if you want to try out a development version of the mobile web browser.

via Stuart Parmenter’s blog

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