If you thought Apple’s Facetime was going to be the only app to support 2-way video chat, it looks like Fring has just gone and proved you wrong. The company has launched a new version of Fring for iOS which supports making voice calls using the front-facing camera on the iPhone 4. It’s available as a free download from the App Store — which means Apple reviewed and approved the app.

One thing that sets Fring apart from Facetime is that you can use Fring to make video calls over 3G. Facetime only works over WiFi. Oh yeah, another thing is that Fring is also available for Google Android and Symbian, which means you should be able to make video calls from an iPhone 4 to people who aren’t using the same hardware.

The new Fring app also supports multitasking, which means you can keep talking while running other iOS 4 apps in the foreground.

You can check out a kind of annoying video demo of the new Fring app after the break.

Update: Fring has temporarily disabled video calls using Skype, because the network was getting hammered by all the people trying to use it after Fring launched 2-way video chat. You can still make video calls to other Fring users with the new iPhone app, and Skype support should return eventually.

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