In much of the world, iPhone customers can pick up an unlocked phone to use with the wireless carrier of their choice. If you’re in the US, on the other hand, you have a choice of getting an AT&T iPhone or… not getting an iPhone at all. Fortunately there’s an active iPhone hacking community, and some of the best known members of that community have figured out how to unlock an AT&T iPhone 4.

The hack took a little bit of work, because not only does the iPhone feature different hardware from previous models and a new operating system — but it also has a new baseband for connecting to wireless networks.

The tools for unlocking the iPhone 4 haven’t been released to the public yet… but it’s probably just a matter of time. For now, you can just stare longingly at the photo above which shows an AT&T iPhone running on the Bell Canada network.

via Redmond Pie

Brad Linder

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