LogMeIn is a service that lets you remotely log into a PC or Mac from any computer with a web browser and internet connection. You just install a client on your desktop and you’re good to go. The company offers free and paid service. While you can login to a PC and control it remotely with a free account, Pro users can also transfer files, listen to music from their desktop, and perform other advanced actions.

The company also offers mobile software called LogMeIn Ignition that lets you login to your computer using a mobile device such as an iPhone. And after a few months of beta testing, LogMeIn Ignition for Google Android officially launched today. It’s available for download from the Android Market for $29.99.

If that price seems a little steep, you might want to check out Wyse PocketCloud, which is available for just $14.99. But I personally find the LogMeIn Ignition user interface easier to use.

via Brighthand

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