AOL has launched a new version of MapQuest 4 Mobile which adds a few new features to the company’s map application for iOS.

First and foremost, the new version provides voice directions with spoken street names. For instance, “Turn right on Broad street.”

Second, MapQuest 4 Mobile 2.0 now supports automatic re-routing. That means if you accidentally miss a turn, the app will notice and figure out the best way to get you back on track.

The third big change is support for iOS 4, which means that if you’re using the new app on an iPhone or iPod touch with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, you can run MapQuest 4 Mobile in the background while another map is in the foreground.

To be honest, these are all features that Google Maps navigation already provides… if you’re using an Android phone. The iPhone version of Google Maps doesn’t yet provide voice directions or many of the other features available from the Android version. That makes MapQuest 4 Mobile arguably one of the best free navigation options available for iOS.

MapQuest 4 Mobile is available as a free download from the App Store.

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