A few months after announcing plans to launch a subscription-based music streaming and download service for mobile devices, MOG is now available for iOS and Android. The MOG app is available as a free download for each platform, and new users get a 3 day free trial of the service, after which the prices is $9.99 per month.

So what do you get for your money? Access to more than 8-million songs which you can play on-demand. MOG lets you enter the name of a song or artist and start playing it almost instantly. If you want to listen to your music when you’re on an airplane or in another situation where you may not have internet access, you can download tracks to your device — although they’ll stop playing if you stop paying your monthly subscription fee.

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Unlike free streaming radio apps such as Pandora, MOG will let you create “artist-only radio stations.” In other words, if you want to listen to Michael Jackson tunes all day, you can do that. Pandora would simply play you songs that are like Michael Jackson songs with a few of the King of Pop’s tunes thrown in for good measure.

There are also social features which let you check out other users playlists.

The Android version of MOG supports multi-tasking, which means you can stream music in the background while running other apps. Right now the iPhone and iPod touch version of MOG doesn’t… but an update is due out in the next few weeks that will add support for multi-tasking on iOS 4 with supported devices.

You can download MOG from the Android Market by scanning the barcode to the right with your phone. The iOS app is available as a free download from iTunes.

You can check out a video overview of the new MOG service after the break.

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  1. I love this application and all it has in store. Yes, it’s well deserving of 5 stars! It offers limitless music for all users of all genres! Imagine having all music at your fingertips for your universal usage! Well, imagine this! Now all your music is available for your personal approach! Create your own stylistic play-list anywhere you go! Fantastic musical options coupled with limitless “music on the go!” Simply magical!–BT

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