Another day, another mobile software release from the folks behind the Opera web browser. Yesterday the team launched Opera Mini 5.1 for Google Android. Today Opera Mobile 10.1 for Symbian Series 60 phones is ready for download.

While Opera Mini is designed to improve page load speeds by offloading some of the page rendering to Opera’s servers, Opera Mobile runs entirely on your mobile device. It features mobile versions of the rendering engine and Javascript engine used by Opera’s desktop browser.

At the same time, Opera Mobile 10.1 has some mobile-specific features including support for geolocation and touch-friendly controls for navigating through browser tabs and for zooming in and out of web sites. And if you’re experiencing slow network speeds on your phone, you can turn on “Turbo” mode which will enable Opera Mobile to use the same server-side compression as the Opera Mini browser to speed up page load times.

Symbian S60 users can download Opera Mobile 10.1 beta by visiting on their phones.

Brad Linder

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