Hulu may have recently launched an app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. But you need to pony up $10 per month for a Hulu Plus subscription to get the most out of it. Starting next week, there will be another way to watch content from Hulu (and other sources including Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand) on an iPhone, because PlayOn is planning on launching an app for iOS.

I can’t say I’ve been PlayOn’s biggest supporter. In fact, I usually refer to it as a hack. But some hacks are decidedly more clever and useful than others. Their current Windows server software ($40) essentially uses your PC to scrape web video content, such as Hulu and Netflix. Then PlayOn pipes it to home DLNA devices – so you can catch those standard def Alf episodes using a PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, or other devices.

The new app channels the same video options, albeit with limited transport controls. Watching “television” in your home on a 3.5? screen isn’t super compelling. But CNET reports that you should be able to punch PlayOn content through your home router to access a number of video sources on the go and that higher res iPad streams are in the works. Which are both hacks worthy of discussion.

The PlayOn app for iOS will be available as a free download, but you’ll need to pay to register the PlayOn server software if you want to continue using the service after your 14 day free trial is up.

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