One of the things that kind of bugs me about Google Android is the fact that you have to exit an app and go to the home screen and then the app drawer in order to launch a new app. Sure, you can long-press the home button to bring up a list of recently used apps, which makes switching between two or three running apps a bit easier. But it just takes too many clicks to launch a new app if it’s not already running.

Power Strip from intuitit is a utility that makes it easy to launch applications, shortcuts, or widgets from any screen simply by tapping your home button (or by long-pressing your search button if you’d rather play it that way).

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The app is currently available for 99 cents from the Android Market and works with any device running Android 2.1 and up. Intuitit says the price will increase on Friday.

The Power Strip menu is customizable, allowing you to place any shortcuts you want in the docking panel. You can also add widgets, which will show up when you hit the home (or search) button. You can also rearrange shortcuts by dragging and dropping them.

As an added bonus, Power Strip has a built-in QR code generator, which means you can use i to share barcode links for the apps you’re using. No, I don’t know why an app launcher needs a QR code generator, but I suppose this way you don’t have to install two separate apps for QR codes and app launching.

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