There’s a new beta version of Skyfire available in the Android market today. Skyfire 2.2 adds a couple of new features and a number of tweaks including:

  • Support for HTML5 geolocation features
  • Vertical search results from Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter, and Amazon
  • You can now set Skyfire as the default browser on Android 1.5 through 2.1

Skyfire 2.2 also features bug fixes that should keep it from crashing as often on Android 2.2 Froyo and improved performance with Adobe Flash Player 10..

You can also now remove the zoom buttons if you don’t need them, and there’s beter pinch to zoom support for HTC devices.

Like the Opera Mini web browser, Skyfire’s claim to fame is the fact that it remotely compresses some data before sending it to your phone, which can speed up page load times if you have a slow internet connection. Unlike Opera Mini though, Skyfire will also use server-side compression technology to let you watch Adobe Flash video content on your mobile phone without installing Flash Player. But not every web site works. For instance, Hulu blocks Skyfire because it doesn’t have licensing agreements to display videos on mobile devices (unless you download the Hulu Plus application for iOS).

via OMG Android

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