A few weeks ago Apple launched iOS 4, which allows you to run certain third party apps and functions in the background. From the get go, developers started pumping out apps that could play music in the background or which stored some data in the background to enable faster app switching. But it wasn’t until today that one of the apps most in need of a multitasking makeover got its update.

The Skype app for iOS now supports multitasking. That means it can run in the background while you do other things with your phone. You can make a call and then look up a location in the iPhone map application without disconnecting the call. Or you can receive an incoming Skype call when you’re reading a web site using Safari.

You can use the app to make free voice calls to other Skype users over WiFi or 3G connections. You can also make calls or send text messages to phone numbers at Skype subscription or pay as you go rates.

Skype for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.

Brad Linder

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