A few months ago SPB launched a free, ad-supported version of SPB TV for WebOS phones such as the Palm Pre and Pixi. Now SPB TV is also available as a free download for Windows Mobile and iOS devices including the iPhond and iPod touch.

SPB TV is an app that lets you watch live TV broadcasts from more than 17 countries. You’re not going to find major networks like NBC or Fox here. But you can get news from AFP or France 24, and a variety of regional content from around the globe. Other highlights include NASA TV and Sci-Fi TV, a channel that shows old science fiction movies. There are also some music video channels and the Spanish language CNN Plus.

The apps also have built in program guides and brief descriptions about each channel. And there’s a picture in picture feature that lets you view a snapshot of a channel before flipping away from the video stream you’re currently watching.

You can download SB TV for iOS for free from the iTunes app store. The Windows Mobile version is available for download from the SPB web site, and supports Windows Mobile 5 and up. There are also apps for Android and BlackBerry, but those versions run $9.95 each.

You can find a few more screengrabs of the iPhone and iPod touch version of SPB TV after the break.

via Just Another Mobile Monday

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