OK, technically, Apple didn’t remove Camera+ from the App Store just because it made taking pictures too easy… but rather because the way that Camera+ did it was a violation of Apple’s terms of service.

Here’s the deal. Camera+ added a hidden feature caller VolumeSnap to the latest version of its app. This let users plug in a secret code that would let you snap a photo by hitting the volume button on your phone. This makes it a lot easier to hold your phone steady and shoot a picture than it is when you have to actually tap the screen.

The problem is that Apple doesn’t allow any application to alter the behavior of the volume buttons. Apple’s explanation is that users expect the volume buttons to adjust the volume. That’s it.

Of course, the Camera+ VolumeSnap feature only works if users enable it — and only when the application is running. So I don’t think there’s too much chance that users who install the app would be horribly confused and start returning iPhones in droves because of broken volume buttons in this case. But them’s the rules, so Camera+ is currently not available for download from the App Store.

On the bright side, the developers say they will file a feature request with Apple, which could potentially lead to a rule change down the road.

In the meantime, if you have the latest version of Camera+ installed, it should continue to work, VolumeSnap feature and all. If and when an update becomes available, you might want to hold off on upgrading.

via Gizmodo

Brad Linder

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