Most Google Android phones include USB ports, allowing you to plug the phone into a computer, mount your SD card, and copy files from a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine to your phone. But the whole process can be kind of a hassle — and your phone can’t access any data on your SD card while it’s connected to your computer.

Awesome Drop is a free application that lets you copy files from your computer to your Android phone without any wires. All you need is the free Awesome Drop app for Android and an HTML5-capable web browser on your computer.

Here’s how it works. You fire up the mobile app, and then visit on your computer. The web site will give you a code to enter on your mobile device, and once you’ve done that, you can drag and drop any file from your computer to a box on the web site. It will automatically send the file to a folder called “drop” on your mobile phone’s SD card.

Since Awesome Drop sends files over the internet, it can take longer to transfer large files than it would using a USB connection. But for text documents and other small files, Awesome Drop is, well… kind of awesome.

via Lifehacker

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