Research in Motion has outfitted BlackBerry 6 with a shiny new Webkit-based web browser. It’s much faster and easier to use with a touchscreen phone than earlier BlackBerry browsers… but the folks at CrackBerry have determined that it’s not quite as fast or responsive as the latest Google Android and iPhone web browsers — at least not on currently available hardware.

CrackBerry took three top of the line phones for a spin and checked to see how long it took to load several web pages on an iPhone 4, Samsung Captivate, and BlackBerry Torch 9800. The verdict? The BlackBerry came in third in every test — although to be fair, the phone also has a slower processor than the other two devices. The browser might actually be faster on a speedier device… if there was a speedier BlackBerry device on the market right now. But there’s not.

The good news is that the new browser is significantly faster than the last-generation BlackBerry browser. So there’s that.

You can check out a video of the test after the break, for all the gory details.

Brad Linder

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