Many mobile phones with virtual, on-screen keyboards offer recommendations when you misspell a word. Some will even automatically correct common spelling errors. But none goes quite as far as BlindType, which can convert “Rgod vsjkieyh pa vqsyrudik” to “This ballpark is beautiful.”

The idea is that BlindType uses text prediction technology so that if you’re hitting keys that are close to the keys you meant to press, the keyboard software will figure out the words you most likely meant to type. We first took a look at a preview of the software a few weeks ago, when BlindType was showing off the iPhone version. But now the folks behind BlindType have put together a demo video showing the software running on a Google Nexus One Android phone, and it looks pretty awesome.

As an added bonus, you can use BlindType to actually type anywhere on the screen — without using the keyboard. As long as your button presses are spaced roughly where you would expect an imaginary QWERTY keyboard to be (with the A next to the S, and the H next to the J, for instance), BlindType is designed to recognize text input — which could free up screen real estate by letting you type without looking at a keyboard at all.

BlindType isn’t available for download yet, but you an check out the demo video after the break.

via Droid Life

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