DVD rental and online movie streaming service Netflix hasn’t launched an Android app yet… but its competitor Blockbuster released one this week. The Blockbuster app for Android will let you browse through a list of a few hundred films and rent or buy titles that you can watch on your device.

Rentals seem to be stuck at $3.99, whether you’re looking at new releases or movies from the 1980s. Purchase prices seem to range from $15.99 to $17.99.

You’ll need to sign up for a free Blockbuster account using a computer in order to activate the mobile app. Make sure to visit blockbuster.com/activate/2 though, because if you just try to sign up for an account at Blockbuster.com, you’ll probably end up on a page trying to get you to pay a monthly fee for a subscription service.

Once you’ve activated your mobile device you should be able to download and watch movies — but I can’t say for certain because honestly I didn’t see anything in the catalog that I was willing to drop $4 on. Your results may vary.

The Blockbuster app works with Android 2.1 and up, and is available as a free download from the Android Market.

Update: Looks like BlockBuster hadn’t meant to release this app to the general public just yet. The company is working with phone manufacturers to optimize the software for many devices. But for now it’s only officially available for the Droid X.

via Android Central

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8 replies on “Blockbuster app lets you download, watch movies on your Android phone”

  1. Bit of a disappointing ap… 1) Only downloads off WiFi and won’t use 3G, and 2) can only play movie on phone, which with DroidX sucks since it can be hooked to your HD TV!

  2. this app came pre installed on my new HTC Thunderbolt
    it looks like it will download off 4G (maybe 3G too)

    I am a bit disappointed, I have a blockbuster subsription that should allow streaming (if I had a capable device at home) but to download on the phone, I have to pay $4 ??? that’s bullsh!t

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