Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad are pretty handy mobile devices for listening to audio or watching video on the go — if your media is in a supported format. But if you happen to have a large collection of Xvid files and you don’t feel like converting them to MP4 or H.264 files, you’ve been pretty much out of luck… until now.

CineXPlayer is a new iPad app that supports native playback of Xvid files. That means you can copy Xvid videos from your computer to your iPad using iTunes, and watch them on the go using CineXPlayer.

There’s a pretty decent chance Apple will pull CineXPlayer form the app store once it realizes what it’s capable of. Apple doesn’t tend to like it when developers write apps that get around the inherent restrictions in iOS hardware and software. But honestly, CineXPlayer shows that there’s absolutely no reason the default iPad video player couldn’t support Xvid playback. Clearly the hardware has no problem with this video format.

For that matter, I imagine the iPad would make a wonderful WMV video player. But Apple’s obviously never going to let that happen.

CineXPlayer is available as a free download from the App Store… for now. There doesn’t appear to be a version for iPhone or iPod touch.

via Gizmodo

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