Ever wish you could hit the snooze button on an alarm without putting on your glasses, looking for your clock or phone and pressing a button? WakeVoice is a new Android app that makes it almost too easy to hit stop or snooze, since you’ll be able to stop your alarm by talking to it.

The app uses speech to text and text to speech. In other words, not only can you say ‘stop” to turn off an alarm, but you can also program the app to speak to you when the alarm goes off. Instead of listening to an annoying ringing sound, you can listen to an annoying computerized voice telling you the latest news, weather forecast, or a custom message.

The developer plans to add the ability to wake up to an MP3 playlist, radio, or other sounds.

WakeVoice isn’t available in the Android Market yet, but it should be coming soon. It will be available in two versions. The full version will run 1.49€ (about $1.96), while WakeVoice Lite will offer all the features — but you’ll have a limited number of uses.

via xda-developers

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