Unlike some mobile operating systems, Google Android has featured a copy and paste function from the get go, allowing you to copy and paste text into an email, search box, or other area… sometimes.

The built in copy and paste feature works reasonably well, but it doesn’t always let you copy text from one app and paste it in another. And selecting text could certainly be easier.

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Enter Copy Paste It, a third party application that makes it easy to copy and paste text between apps. What’s more, you can use this app to copy text from an image. That’s because essentially what Copy Paste It does is take a snapshot of a portion of your screen and use image recognition software to convert what it sees into text.

The full app costs $3.99 and only works on rooted Android devices. There’s also a free trial version available which lets you copy and pate 10 times.

If you’ve already rooted your phone, Copy Paste It will add an icon to the notification bar. Just drag down the notification bar and select Copy Paste It when you want to select text and a box will pop up on your screen which you can move around to select the text you want to copy.

You can check out a video demo of Copy Paste It in action after the break.

via Droid Life

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  1. Saying it copies any window isn’t accurate, I want something to copy text from a window top to bottom not just what is shown on the screen.

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