Easy Root is an app that offers a one-click method for gaining root access to the Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone, and Motorola Droid X smartphones. It was available for download from the Android Market, but this weekend Google removed the app from the Market without any explanation.

But the developer says he’s talking to Google about bringing Easy Root back to the Android Market. Failing that, he tells Android Central that he plans to launch a version that can be installed without using the Android Market at all.

Update: You can now download Easy Root directly from the developer’s site. A full license will set you back $0.99, although larger donations are encouraged.

On the one hand, it’s a bit surprising that Google would remove an app like this from the Market, since after all Android is an open source operating system and Google is pretty committed to openness. On the other and, users who root their phones lose access to over the air updates and could accidentally damage their systems by tweaking settings that Google and its partners (including Motorola and Verizon) meant to keep out of reach of users.

Update 2: If you’re looking for another easy way to root the Motorola Milestone or about a dozen other phones including the Google Nexus One, you might want to check out Universal Androot.

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13 replies on “Easy Root app for Motorola Droid, Droid X pulled from the Android Market”

  1. “since after all Android is an open source operating system and Google is pretty committed to openness”

    You keep telling yourself that.

  2. i used this app to root my droid and it was flawless, work amazing with
    baracle wifi, funny thing is is that is was looking for it in the market
    to show my friend how to do it and it was gone…..once you download it
    disappears ill have to try it on another phone

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