Many Google Android apps and services have built in sharing capabilities, making it easy to post photos to Facebook, or send a web page to a friend through Gmail, for instance. But sometime you want to share a few different items without having to fire up a few different apps first. That’s where EasyShare comes in.

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This app will let you share all sorts of Android resources, including links to third party apps, contact information, pictures, music, bookmarks, your current location, notes, scanned barcodes, or even text from your clipboard.

Just tap on any category to get the sharing options for each. For instance, you can tap applications and then select an app to generate a QR code or share a link using supported services including Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, and more. You can also hit the check boxes next to several apps to share Android Market links via a Gmail message.

This week the developer released version 1.2, which features a number of improvements. For instance, sending a link to the Android Market doesn’t much good if the recipient isn’t at their phone. Now you can also include links to third party web app directories such as AndroLib, AppBrain, and Cyrket. There are also some bug fixes and user interface tweaks, as well as support for the Danish and traditional Chinese languages.

EasyShare 1.2 is available as a free download from the Android Market. There’s also a $0.99 version that doesn’t display ads at the bottom.

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