Facebook has rolled out an update to its mobile web page that lets you control your privacy settings on mobile devices. Up until now, you could only adjust your privacy settings using a desktop browser.

In order to access your mobile privacy settings, you have to visit m.facebook.com/privacy on your phone. You won’t find the link if you just go to m.facebook.com.

But once you do find the page, you can adjust your settings to allow everyone, friends, or friends of friends to see information you post from your phone. You can also create custom settings. For instance, you can allow everyone to see your website and bio information, but only allow your friends to see posts, contact information, family, or relationship status.

Unfortunately, the settings only apply to the Facebook mobile web site. If you use the iPhone, Android, WebOS, or other mobile apps for Facebook, there’s still no way to adjust your privacy settings — although I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that feature in future updates.

via ReadWriteWeb

Brad Linder

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