You don’t have to go far to have a little fun with your Android phone photos. There are plenty of free apps for editing pics on the fly, with features like cropping, colorizing, graphic overlays, and word bubbles. Amazingly, this was novel stuff just a few short years ago.

In the fall of 2006 I contracted briefly with a start-up company that had developed an application for adding funny sayings to your cell phone photos. You would take a picture, text it with a particular code, and watch it return a short while later with a designated caption. Sounds downright archaic in 2010.

Here are a few basic (and free) photo editing apps for Android.

AnDrawing is a drawing app that does double duty as photo mark-up software. On my Droid Eris, AnDrawing is one of the options when I click to export or share a photo. There’s an option to crop your pic, and then you can scribble on it, add text, and paste on funny symbols and cartoon characters. Good for passing the time in boring lectures, meetings, and conference calls. Note- there’s a paid version of AnDrawing too that does away with the largely innocuous ad scroll in the free app.

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