GPS units are cool and all, what with their spoken directions and 2D or 3D maps that show you where you’re going. But you know what’s even cooler? A GPS app that looks like something out of Star Wars. And that’s exactly what developer Christopher Caleb has come up with.

At first, the Adobe AIR-based app for Google Android looks like a typical GPS app. You enter the addresses for your start point and destination. And then things get all 1977-view-of-the-future on you.

The app shows a simple 3D graphic with yellow lines representing either side of a tunnel. On the side are two red lines. As you move closer to your target, the lines move toward the center until you’re right on top of it. At that point you get a bunch of red arrows excitedly letting you know you’ve arrived.

The app is based on the targeting computer from an X-wing Fighter from the original Star Wars movie. Sure, the app won’t actually give you directions. But it will let you know how far away from your destination you are. And while you’re driving you can hear “radio chatter” from other pilots, since the developer has also based the soundtrack for the app on Star Wars.

You can check out a demo video after the break.

via Engadget

X-wing GPS Targeting Computer from Christopher Caleb on Vimeo.

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