Well it was good while it lasted. Last week Apple finally approved Grooveshark’s iPhone app, allowing you to listen almost any song you want at any time for $3 per month. But what the App Store giveth the App Store can taketh away, and yesterday Apple removed the Grooveshark app.

According to the folks at GrooveShark, Apple received a complaint from Universal Music Group UK. The company promises to try to work things out and get the app back into iTunes. For now, if you’ve already downloaded the Grooveshark app you can keep using it — and if you’re not an iPhone user, there’s good news. Grooveshark says its working on apps for Blackberry, Android, WebOS, and Symbian.

Grooveshark initially attempted to launch an iPhone app last year, but it was rejected by the App Store and the company instead offered the app through the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhones. Interestingly, the app isn’t available for download from the App Store or Cydia today.

While Grooveshark expressed surprise at the latest action, it doesn’t really seem all that surprising. Universal Music Group has sued Grooveshark, claiming it’s streaming some music from the label’s catalog without permission.

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